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FABRIC Toile Green

FABRIC Toile Green

1 Milliliter

TOILE is the new signed collection MILLESIMI, a classic texture that reinvents itself, a modern atmosphere in a theme without time.

A fabric inspired by the influence of oriental prints in roaring fashion 20s, a dream of yesteryear that takes life on a background monochrome with i its idyllic and romantic motifs revisited.

In TOILE the marriage between fashion and interior design is essential, a Toile de Jouy contemporary East_in which the combination of East_ -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_replaces cloth lore scenes.



Print: Green Toile

Size: Width. fabric 140cm

Material: 100% Cotton

Made in Italy


Minimum order quantity: 6ml

Production time: 20 working days

Free shipping in Italy


Designer: Michael Milesi THOUSANDS OF DESIGNS


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