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TATO Bitch Pink

TATO Bitch Pink


From the fusion of fashion and design comes TATO , the new lamp created by MILLESIMI.

The baby bustier freed from the concept of "mannequin" becomes a real protagonist of lighting design. The mannequin outside its original context takes on a different meaning. To a distracted eye it appears like a simple sartorial bust without art or part, but when it turns on the magic happens!

A contemporary table, floor or suspended lamp, which aims to convey a clearly visible message through symbols and neon writings with a retro charm.

The sweetness and elegance of the sinuous lines of the TATO are enhanced in the velvet or printed fabric variants created by MILLESIMI.

A versatile model that adapts to any type of scenario from the most contemporary environments to the most minimal ones that need a touch of glamour.

Handcrafted product

Dimensions: Bustier L16 x H40 x W23 cm; 2kg

Base H50-100cm; 5kg

Finish: Bustier Pink Velvet

Gold Base

Lamp: Bitch Pink

Switch: push button (not dimmable)

Delivery time: 60 days

*Images are inserted for illustrative purposes. Each handcrafted numbered piece may undergo changes.

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